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Since the last one died, I decided to make a new one, and on the day the game is released. So, who got it? What are your thoughts on the game? What do you think of the characters and the voice acting so far? Tormod's new look is hot and his artwork doesn't fail to disappoint, either.

Visually, the game hasn't improved much over Path of Radiance, but that's actually a first. I'm up to Part 1, Chapter 9 so far and the game so far has not disappointed me. The music is also a lot better this time around, and the particle effects are absolutely beautiful. The voice acting from the intro FMV was great, although Sothe's last line should have been "Good job", not "Good job, Micaiah", when he had already said her name. Of course, this is purely my opinion, so it doesn't really matter. I think I'll be hooked onto to this game for a hell of a long time.

Now that I've finished rambling on and on, what are your thoughts?

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Nobody likes Fire Emblem? o.O

Cadence said:
Nobody likes Fire Emblem? o.O

I do, but I live in europe so it won't be released here for another few months.

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i love fire emblem

I love Fire Emblem, it's by far my favorite RPG. Unfortunately, I can only get one game for the foreseeable future, and I've decided to go with MOH:H2. With college and all I need a game that I can just pick up and play for an hour or so and not have to make a huge time commitment to.

Unfortunately for me, when I play Fire Emblem I always start when I get out of class, and stop when I realize it's about midnight. Gotta keep my grades up, so it's not an option until I have a real break in my classes. Incidentally, since I love it so much, nobody ruin any of it for me! Although I suppose I already did that to myself when I accidentally read who the Black Knight was...

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According to the stores, its not available on store shelves till tomorrow...

I'm picking it up when I get the chance.

I love FE, but I'm flat broke and haven't been able to afford the game yet. I won't be getting it till Xmas.

I've never played that game... !SHOCKING! :-o Well it's just that it's a tactical game isn't it (or am I wrong on this)? I'm not really a fan of those...

I've seen the intro video on YouTube though... It is truly amazing! I might rent it... If I like it enough, I'll buy it.

I love FE and I am getting it tomorrow, hopefully.

I went to 6 gamestops today (I live in nyc, not that hard to do) and each one told me the game comes out tomorrow even though all the websites said it came out today.

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