Sony lived by the sword and they will die by the sword (graphics)

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Sony has tried to live by the graphics sword, now with so many Xbox 360 and multiplatform games looking so amazing, often better than the PS3 exclusives, are they dying by it?


Amazing looking games:


Alan Wake

Battelefield Bad Company 2


Forza 3 (better than the newest GT5 demo)

Modern Warfare 2 (nearly on par with Killzone 2 imo except at 60 FPS)

Splinter Cell Conviction

Split Second

Final Fantasy 13

Halo Reach

Mass Effect 2

Resident Evil 5 (still one of the best looking games)

Most likely Gears of War 3

Assasins Creed 2

Etc etc


The 360 is more powerful than PS3 every programmer has said this, and every multiplatform game has shown it by running better on 360. Why would Sony pick a fight with a sleeping giant?



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Radioactive Man.

I still think that Sony's exclusives are better. And I think that the japanese developers will keep turning to Sony, as they are doing it for already some time.

I was thinking about the title of this topic. It is funny when you remember that the PSX compared to the N64 only had the storage advantge (cd vs cartridge), but graphics were Nintendo's Sword, not Sony's.

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OMG this has been one interesting morning! I'm kinda liking this guy. You got to give him some credit though, he's relentless. He really turned this into a fun day for me

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I hate to respond to a troll thread, I guess this is to the rest of the people who are in this thread.

If I remember correctly, didn't they say that the PS3 is technically more powerful but harder to program for? That is the way these things usually happen.


Do you really think that simply having better graphics that are perhaps 5% better is going to amount to all that much when it hasnt so far? You do realize that lately the PS3 has been selling more HW than the 360? You do realize that the PS3 has been expanding its value offered with things like the Sodium One thingee right? Heck, consumers see the PS3 as having a lot more value, and soon, the SW will catch up to the week by week PS3 dominance in HW.

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