(Question of the day) How many hours a day do you game?

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(Question of the day) How many hours a day do you game?

1-2 hours 37 43.02%
2-3 hours 20 23.26%
3-4 hours 11 12.79%
5+ hours 13 15.12%
I play nonstop (i think i need help) 3 3.49%
What's it to yah? 2 2.33%

On any given week, probably 1-2 hours.

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Crystalchild said:
lestatdark said:
On an average I game about 1-2 hours per day on the week and 2-3 on weekends. Used to do 8-10 hours a day when I was in High School >_<


i play around 4 Hours a day, i am doomed next month, because i will start working. :S

(Working -> Money -> every awesome game the next year ^_^ -> but no time to play. -_-)



No time to play so many awesome games really suck >_< It takes 5 times more to finish even one game due to collegue work.

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Pre-girlfriend 15-20 hours a week. (This could be a very low estimation, as I would often play for 2-5 hours a day, along with doing other things like marathon training, mountain biking, backpacking, climbing)
Post-girlfriend 8-10 hours a week.

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you should have had an option for less than 1 hour. I don't game every day, but if I do it is typically 1 hour or so.

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It depends on the day... weekdays I might play an hour. I usually play on Sundays... and that could last a few hours.

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With the school and the study I have very little time for gaming, 2 hours is the maximum in a tipical day. During the holidays though...well over 2 hours a day :)

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It changes for me. MMOs like Ragnarok Online, WoW, have had me play as much as 8 a day. When I am not playing an MMO its more like 2 or so. I'd say 3 on average all together.

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On average, I game about 2 hours a day. However, i work 4/5 days a week, and don't really have time to game then, but on my 2/3 days off, I usually make up for it by gaming a good 6 hours a day.

3 - 4 hours, depending on how much work i have.

im also one of those that may or may not play everyday. i'll squeeze in about 5 hours max a week?

but then again, there's the odd time i might go crazy one night and play 5 hours in one sitting.