Am I the only one that liked this game?

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Seems like everyone says that this is the worst FF game ever. I wouldn't call it the worst or the best but it was definitely a fun addictive game.

I couldn't care less for any of the main characters or the story but the gameplay makes up for it. I'd say FFXII has the best gameplay out of all the FF games. I clocked about 160 hours into that game, the only other FF game I did that was FFVII. The Hunts was pretty fun aswell and was very challenging at the same time, I found myself in some fights that lasted around an hour.

It's a top notch FF game but the only thing it lacked that other FF games always succeeded in was good game characters and an interesting story. But it succeeded in having one of the best gameplays from the other FF games. Hopefully FFXIII can combine the gameplay of FFXII and have some interesting main characters and a top quality story like all the other FF games.

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eh so far outa the only 3 final fantasy's i played its the worst but the worst final fantasy is still one my favorite rpgs ever. yea i also didnt like the story and characters in this one as much as the others but had great game play and kool looking airships

It its the worst FF's out of all the ones I played

but in terms of score its over 90 for me

while its an outstanding game, its a notch lower than the quality of other FF's for me

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I thought it was great but X-2 is better IMO. Still, far from the worst FF game.

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This game is great.
150 hours + and still enjoying it !

Vaan, as Tidus, is annoying, but Balthier was incredible.

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Khuutra liked it.

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I liked FFXII a lot, one of my favorite in the series.

Although the combat style grew on me eventually, the story was to weak for me to really like this game. I don't even care if a story feels generic or not, it just needs to be complete.

I just felt as soon as the story felt it was starting to really get moving and starting to unfold, the game ended and that was it.

It did have good points but story is to important to let it slide.

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For me, it competes with FF IX for being the worst but I like it a lot nevertheless. Great game if you exclude the story and characters.

You're the one? XD

I've been advocating the virtues and accomplishments of FFXII a long time ago in this forum, seriously, just look in any FF discussion thread :P

FFXII is to me the best FF after FFVI, it has the best story in any FF game, the best character development, one of the best battle systems, so many content and things to do, and the single, best addition in a FF ever: The Compendium xD

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