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Yh man Eurogamer has given a DS game a 9/10 i think that is brillant. The game must be better then i thought. I think i might have to pick up a DS. Whats your thoughts on it. Here the link. no pun intended ;)


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I wonder if its better than phantom hourglass. Recardless I bet its good

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PH is a good game but it's very easy. All the reviewers are saying that Spirit Tracks is much harder than PH, so it's probably an excellent game because difficulty is the only thing I missed on the first title.

Great score!

apparently this is a great game for children and can rival things on the 'more grown up platforms'. Id prefer my reviews to have less condescension please

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I have the game, it is one of the worst zelda's I've ever play, in the second worst this gen
(It's one of the worst because every zelda is awsome, this is better than PH, and about the 2nd worst zelda game this gen...
there has only been 3!!

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what makes it so bad?

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