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The console prediction subjects, like "X consoles sold by the end of 2011" don't exist anymore. It would have been nice if they had been locked to see how people have faired against each other. I predicted 30 million Wiis sold by the end of this year when the topic was set in last year. I still think that would be possible if Nintendo would make the consoles at faster rate. IIRC, the PS3 was around 6 million and 360 around 13 million in my prediction. By 2011, it was something like this: Wii - 150 million PS3 - 60 million 360 - 50 million What about you?

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End of this year: Wii: ~16 million, simple because manufacturing isn't much over 1 million a month. PS3: ~6-10 million (if 10 million EU needs to sell a lot, or good holiday sales) Xbox360: 17-20 million (based on another good holiday sale in USA) 2011: I wont say anything about this because I honeslty don't know.



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