Refreshing VGC for Black Friday Numbers.

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Looks like they are waiting until today to post the numbers :(.

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I'm downloading the Folklore demo, so I have an excuse to stay up a bit longer. But it's nearly 0030 and I will need to go to bed soon or I won't get everything done I need to do tomorrow.

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Have to go to work now =/

I hope numbers are up by my break!

Did they not used to put up the sales for the different zones on different days?

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:( awww man Still no news

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there is a TON of data to wade through

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PS3 will outsell the 360 in hardware sales 2 to 1 for the week ending 28 November 2009 due to huge PS3 BF sales week. PS3 outsells 360 by over 200k in NA region. Europe and Japan numbers would boost the gap out to over 350k for the week.
PS3 = 700 to 750k
360 = 350 to 400k

They are up guys.


But ioi's article is not up... WHY??
where is ioi??