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Well recently Sony has been on a role lately with the PS3 and their advertisements for it, but for the PSP i've really seen any new commercials for it. don't get me wrong, I've seen some commercials for the PSPgo, GT-PSP, and littlebigplanet, I'm just making this thread for people who remember those old PSP commercials that were almost as funny as today's PS3 commercials.

This is my first time embedding video so I provided links if they are messed up:







well,there's even more than these, I just posted one I thought were funny, feel free to add any other PSP Ads.

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Down the toilet?

I see a lot of SONY ads during hockey games. Recently they advertising Little Big Planet on the PSP. Which is a pretty good ad for the PSP in general.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have PSP GO ads around their rink.

I like the Big Gunz one, it's pretty funny!

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I have seen the LBP PSP commercial a bit, but I think Sony is blowing all its ad money on the newest line of commercials(with the funnny office guy). I remember a few Go ads, but once it launched they dissappeared. I think it has to do with less then expected go sales(just a guess). I see the PS3 ads all over and thats a great move by Sony.

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the psp is pretty much deadright now. piracy killed it a long time ago.