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Singstar, there are like 600 Singstar games

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I think the definition of milked is rather loose with everyone in this thread.

In the sense of a name/franchise being heavily exploited for monetary gain, I'd have to say something like Guitar Hero, Singstar, or The Sims. This isn't to say that they're solely made for money but that the respective series are marginally changed and show little to no growth whatsoever.

What makes these titles different from say Mario or Final Fantasy is that they mix things up, explore new mechanics, maintain quality/polish, and ultimately try to keep things fresh. Milking usually infers(to me) that the freshness/quality has expired 2 or 3 iterations ago. Guitar Hero, Singstar and The Sims seem to be franchises where this feeling is very present.

Pixel Art can be fun.

Mario of course.

At least with FF spinoffs they tend to have some things in common with main game.


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There are ~150 games with Mario in

How many FF's are there?

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umm Mario?

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guitar hero. As far as type of games,Id have to say fps!!!!!!