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Save UP TO 1100 dollars. so its probablly less for cheaper models.

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Someone post it on youtube it might get removed

I REFUSE to believe that deal

if its true, I have no words

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

if were true I ll buy it and sell tv more expensive XD

Metroid: Other M

why don't you guys read the actual deal

of course its going to be misleading....

the cheapest tv is the 46 inch which still ends up being $1300 after the discount, in which that tv isnt even worth...plus you gotta pay full price for the ps3, game and movie

so the cheapest you will pay BEFORE taxes will be $1,732.44

terrible deal. just trying to sell their crappy tvs, but most people aren't dumb enough to pay close to double for a 1080p tv just because its a sony.


edit: oh and amazon has the exact same tv for 45$ more, and you don't have to buy anything else.


so really these arent savings, the tvs are dropping in price everywhere....


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room414 said:

ad is here


Boom!  What a great ad and deal.  If only I didn't already have TV and a PS3.

Wow, thats a really awesome deal.

ArkZero said:
Wow, thats a really awesome deal.

how? lol

that's if we think very negative..

but it said buy any sony bravia with a ps3 and get up to $1100 in savings



BOOM is right!

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