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I thought I would put some of the names that I think will be a smash hit Forza Motorsport 2 Here is a video Seems like it will be a fun racing game and it will have tons more customationable peices and stuff then the first one. Fable 2 here is a teaser video This game looks to be alot of fun, at first it didn't appeal to me but then I read alot of stuff on it and it will really be about what you do in that world which changes it. I remeber reading something that you could buy a grocer store and one day stop selling oranges and the people might get mad and boycott your business. This games is supposed to be that you and your friend can have it but the game might be entirly diffrent. Command and conquer3 Gameplay video It looks like it will be a fun game for people who like a good RTS and the idea of having the video camera looks fantastic, I know some times it will suck but sometimes their will be games that will be so much fun. Halo Wars a trailer for it Looks to be a fun RTS game made by ensemble exclusivly for the xbox 360, it looks fun and I can't wait to control a group of spartans kicking the crap out of jackels Halo 3 Here is a high resoultion video The name speaks for itself, lets move on Blue Dragon and lost Oddesy Both of them Blue dragon looks alot more kiddy but Lost Oddesy looks goregous Mass Effect Here It looks to be massive and it looks to be amazingly fun, I want this badly, you can also customize your weapons and stuff and it looks amazing Assassin Creed Here This game is also coming out for the Ps3 but, it promises entirly new gameplay, such as when pressing the a or x (The button that is the furthest down) is the foot button so your person will use your feet instead of your hands, looks to be amazing. I know I missed a few but don't they all look awesome?

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You forgot footage for Eternal Sonata..That'll be a great one to look forward to as well. Kane & Lynch looks rather good as well.

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