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Just a couple of days after the LA Times revealed that the Call of Duty series would be getting a third development team, Activision unveiled Sledgehammer Games. A development studio that is currently lead by former Dead Space creators Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Their first project is soon to be announced, according to six Gamasutra job listings;

"We are currently hiring top talent for a soon to be announced project based on a successful Activision owned IP." says the job listing.

So could they be the next Call of Duty developers?



Remember MW2 was announced 12/8/08 so excpect something soon hope the rumors are true and we get a 1 man title featuring


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God, they are milking this franchise. o_o; Activision should just support MW2 heavily for a year of two.

Call of Duty: Legends of Rock.

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will this game support DJ Hero controller? i kinda want to buy DJ Hero, but 120$ for controller that will be used by one game? no thank you.

so i hope that it will be Call of Duty: World Famous DJ Heroes at Modern Warfare

Call of Duty : Ghost Recon.

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Probably Call of Duty : World at War 2 .... same game with world war 2 textures painted over it and sold again at the same above average price lol

famousringo said:
Call of Duty: Legends of Rock.

that would be the most badass COD4 mod ever.

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