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Dgc1808 said:
Everythings been fine on my end. Old B/C 80GB. A few hangups on the XMB after the most recent update but it seems that was just a 3 time thing. Hasn't happened recently.

Exact same thing with the exact same PS3 model =P

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Never had a problem with my PS3 and I'm up to date with 3.0 or 3.1 whatever the recent one is.

My 40 gigs phat model has never had a problem with firmware updates. All the freezes it has experienced were while playing a very specific part of a game (recently happened at the exact same spot in Uncharted 2 in both my runs through the game) or due to the freaking internet browser getting stuck.

Never had a problem with firmware updates.

IMO there's very few people that have problems, it's just when they do they make sure everyone knows about it.

I haven't had any problems. They all works just fine for me :)