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Just curious that since FF7 is 1.3gb big on PSN, why couldnt Square fit it on 2 CDs? since a CD is 700mb x2 =1.4gb?  Im sure i must be forgetting some tech specs when putting games on mulitple disc but ill be honest and i dont know jack XD ..Thanks

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I'm thinking maybe... they were able to compress it more this time around. I'm not so sure about that though.

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It's been compressed into a little e-boot file.

Cause a part of the PS1 CD's were used for the copy protection.. the protection scheme on the psx is in the bootup sequence. when a game loads, it inserts a code into the psx to show it isn't a copy. thus it's not using the full 700mb...

Could also be a better compression for video...


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It's just compression in general. File compression has improved drastically over the years.

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It's also because they would have had to duplicate some parts of the game on to each CD - the core parts of the game engine/common textures and models/etc.  When it can fit together as one file you get rid of all the duplicated parts.


btw am I the only person who thinks FFVIII is better?

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i get soooo many crazy glitch with my psn copy of ff7, its rediculous.

^ yeah you are the only one

kowenicki said:
btw am I the only person who thinks FFVIII is better?

Unfortunatly there are quite a few deluded souls around


I hope the FMVs have not been too compressed.  The biggest savings must be not having the world map and many places repeated each time on every disc.