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So in the past 2 days I hae just got Assassin's Creed 2 and Dragon Age: Origins

So I think they do look really nice, but it is just a bit late for them... they look completely out of place with all my other games and they also appear to have a clearer top

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Didn't we have the same exact thread a few weeks ago?

I already had this due to metal cases and cardboard slips; thus, my collection is hardly comprised of identical boxes. So, I'm about as bothered by this as I'm bothered by the price of bread in Beuros Ares -- i.e.: not at all.

Put them next to each other


we had 2 threads actually

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The new boxarts look better than the old ones.

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2 threads several weeks ago, but it is only now that they are starting to become common place, and these are my first 2 games with the new format

The cardboard sleeves bother me too, which is why you won't see MGS 4 or inFamous there. DAO actually has a sleeve, but it is elsewhere

you need a new stack Munkeh.


How come Killzone 2 is at the bottom?

It should be at the top where it belongs :p

you dont like infamous's cardboard but you have the special edition of RACACIT which is the same?

Ratchet is there because inFamous came out to make room for Ratchet... That will be moved come christmas when I expect to get another 4 games....

The reason KZ 2 is at the bottom is alphabetical. At the top, I have my top 3 games, and I rated CoD 4 above KZ 2, so that used to be top, and only now has been replaced by AC II. Modern Warfare 2 lives elsewhere