Would you recommend purchasing a DSi or waiting until Q1 2010 for....

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would you recommend purchasing a DSi or waiting until Q1 2010 for....

...the release of the DSi XL?   Suggestions from DS owners?  Potential DSi XL owners?  


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If you already have a DS I wouldn't say it's worth it, otherwise, meh. If the bigger screen is that important to you, you've survived this long what's a few more months?

I can say I'm slightly annoyed I bought a DSi in the summer when they were just going to release this like 6 months later.

If it were me and I still had a DS phat or lite I'd probably just wait until the XL to upgrade, assuming the price difference b/w the XL and the DSi aren't absurd.

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I have a DSi and I definately want a LL. I´m going to try to trade my old one in.

I have a DSi and the size difference isint enough of a justification for me, go DSi

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I don't have DSi but I'm glad I waited because I'm really interested in DSi XL.


- Bigger screen

- My hands won't hurt after playing long time

- Will use to play at home, and DS Lite to travel

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I am waiting for the DSi XL personally.
But in the interim I need to get something on which to play my games.

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If you want it to play in your house, wait for the XL. If you plan to take it with you everywhere buy the DSi, now.

It depends of you hands size and if you have a good sight or no.>

I have a DS lite but I will buy a DSi XL/LL just because of the bigger screens.

Comparation between DSi and DSi XL/LL: