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GhaudePhaede010 said:
My only reaction is to enjoy watching the people that said the game was crap simply because it was on a system they did not want/own now saying that they liked the game all along or that they have been, "converted" because the game is now appearing on the console of their choice.

PS360 owners are not all the same. Those PS360 owners who want to get this for PS360 are not necessarily the same PS360 owners that bashed this game just because it's a wii game.

There are plenty of PS360 owners who wanted to play No More Heroes (or some other Wii title) but don't feel like buying a Wii because they aren't satisfied enough with the overall lineup to justify a purchase. This port appeals to that audience. As well as the hardcore NMH fans that want to play this game a second time for the extras, enhancements, HD graphics, achievements/trophies (lol), the perverted mode, etc.

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Kasz216 said:
dahuman said:
I personally really enjoyed this game but I think it's gonna bomb being 2 years later already and people in japan shit wii so if they were interested, it'd have already been played.

In Japan... but in the US and Europe... it could do some good numbers. 

Really depends how much they spent on the new lighting and textures.


if it comes out of Japan, and if it actually sells, which I just don't see happening as much, they also need to ungimp the PS3 release for out of JP release as well.

I don't really mind, I just wanna play NMH2 in January.


NMH was the last wii game i bought at full price, $49.99, and the game was such a letdown, that i don't care if its coming to the 360 .

I don't see any problems. Wii owners will still get to enjoy NMH, but now HD console owners get to enjoy NMH as well. Only bad thing I can see about it would be if the port bombed and made Marvelous lose money, something I doubt because the port seems to be cheap.

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HA HA! Finally the day when the HD Twins get ports of Wii games!!!

This is what I said would come true. Core gamers always complain about the amount of crappy ports and crappy shovelware on Wii. Now with the addition of motion to the twins they can have CRAPPY PORTS OF CRAPPY SHOVELWARE!!

disclaimer: NMH is not shovelware, but just wait for Carnival Games NATAL!

bad thing for the wii only owners,,but the 360-ps3 remake is not something fantastic.no more heroes is made for the wiimote.end of conversation.suda will make travis adventures 3 for the next nintendo console.

if we were losing the series i'd be super pissed No more heroes is awesome and it deserves to sell as many copies as it can i got to play it and so should everyone else

No More Heroes Reflex.

This game coming to the PS3/360 is fine by me. Sure, being exclusive is cool, but Wii owners are still getting NMH2. Plus, with this releasing along with the sequel (same time?) people who want to finish the story have to get a Wii somehow to do it.

And the NMH brand is expanding.

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i think it mess up that they are doing for 360/ps3. they don't earn it , that what i think



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