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Tempus fugit Nintendo manet.


Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Member - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Regular - Pass 2k
Level 4 - Addicted - Pass 5k
Level 5 - Obsessed - Pass 10k
Level 6 - Old Guard - Pass 20k
Level 7 - Legend - Pass 50k
Level 8 - Demi-God - Pass 100k
Level 9 - God - Pass 250k
Level 10 - Zeus - Pass 500k

New Table:

Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Rookie - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Padawan - Pass 10k
Level 4 - Sea Dog - Pass 25k
Level 5 - Captain - Pass 50k
Level 6 - Agent - Pass 100k
Level 7 - Elite - Pass 175k
Level 8 - Hero - Pass 250k
Level 9 - Legend - Pass 500k
Level 10 - Titan - Pass 1 Million

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Gilgamesh said:

lol you know you can't leave VG Chartz

Let's make bets to when he comes back, I give him 4 days :)

i give him 5...


Highwaystar101 said: trashleg said that if I didn't pay back the money she leant me, she would come round and break my legs... That's why people call her trashleg, because she trashes the legs of the people she loan sharks money to.

Hmmm.. I can remember...

1. When he just became a member of this site.. he didn't feel the respect..
2. When RealTalk had bad view numbers..
3. When Realtalk ended
4. This one...
5. The next one when he has returned from this one..

I know I'm missing a few more.. :D


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

I went through his first 500 posts this morning and saw at least four instances where he either:

a. quit Vgchartz
b. took a hiatus from Vgchartz
c. quit real talk
d. announced he was quitting soon

And one post that had me laughing out loud because it was so desperate (sorry Snake but I couldn't stop laughing!): "Somebody please post in my thread!"

My intention was to post a link to every time Snake "quit" and came back but now it just seems like a mean thing to do. Besides, I "quit" myself, a while back. It happens.

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@ OP
who are you and why haven't you won a Darwin award yet?

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I don't believe that you are serious :)

Byes then. See you soon.....

Nintendo still doomed?
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See you next week.

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I really can't wait for the " I AM BACK " thread.

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