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I can agree on principle that banning abortion (as it has been with many other 'bad' things) may cause negative, unintended consequences. I've always argued that the pro-life standpoint of banning abortions needs to have multiple 'outs' to ensure that the bad sides (such as large numbers of unwanted children) is taken care of via better adoption first and foremost.

But for me it (as for a lot of pro-lifers) comes down to the idea that you are interfering with the life of another, therefore it must be more restricted.

I do agree with the ways of tackling abortion. I am glad we've reached a common ground on it being a bad idea, although we still differ on how it would be tackled (we both agree on how you would take care of it, but I would go further and encourage more laws concerning parental action for minors, and in the US, repeal Roe V. Wade to ensure that abortion is a state issue and not a federal one).

In the case of your girlfriend, I can understand the issues surrounding pregnancy - I am sure that kind of situation is the case for many couples. However, if my fiancee and I were in that kind of case, we would agree that she carry the baby to term, and give it up for adoption rather than abort, and deal with that set of consequences.

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I think that you should be able to buy over the counter medication, by reference of a nurse or doctor, which terminates the pregnancy before a certain period. Sort of like RU486, but easier to get.

Furthermore, I do not think it is inherently bad, and the silly argument that you can just give the baby up for adoption means that the woman, who you are dictating this to, needs to;

Go through the pain of a childbirth they didnt want to do,
Pay all of the medical bills,
Take time of work when they became incapacitated,
possibly have lasting medical effects due to childbirth.. or die.

AND that is only IF they are planning to give it up for adoption! It is juvenile to beleive that peoples first prefernce when they do not abort is to sell the baby off. The reason why there is no babies to adopt is because the people who were silly enough to not get an abortion when they didnt want the baby, try to raise it themselves regardless of whether they can afford it, or whether it is a healthy environment for a child to be raised in (and if it is an unhealthy environment, more often than not the parents can not recognise this).

Child abuse case numbers are HUGE. They should be 0, but they are in the hundreds of thousands. If those women could have easily aborted, and did not feel the stigma from society, or the perceived guilt from the jesus crusaders camped out front of abortion clinics, maybe there would be less children suffering this emotional anguish.

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