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Vienna said: it seems like germany and austria media got money from sony for good press... i read at saturday that there are only few ps3 left and when i went shopping with my girlfriend i saw big towers of ps3 two hours before the shops are closing (!?) i doubt we will ever know the real sales in europe ...
Same here, on the Internet they we're yapping about low stock, but the news on the TV didn't say any word about being selling out, when I checked online stores and heard from people checking stores... PS3 is let's just say overstocked. A guy even mentioned that he's collecting the PS3 games at the moment for cheaper prices and then buy's the PS3, but the sales are a major flop. He's a PS3 fan himself so he told it myself and said he was very dissapointed about the launch. I wasn't there so can't judge about that but if a PS3 fan even says it

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