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How often does PSN put up a demo? Maybe half the time? More or less?

That kind of a big deal for me because I always try the demo before making a purchase on Live Arcade.

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Do you know someone who will be willing to share the cost? (PSN game sharing) honestly though the lack of the demos is the reason why I never both with PSN. I used to have someone to share the games with so it didn't matter so much before...


so no one has these games, especially i'm interested in mushroom wars but i don't wanna pay 10 bucks for it before knowing kt is a good game or not.

mushroom wars is supposed to get a demo today

edit: or rather, tomorrow.

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I have shatter - the gameplay is good but it's pretty short. The mushroom wars demo is out in europe this week so either set up an alt account or wait for more people to have played it by then.


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Buy Trine.



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sepisfu said:
how many hours is shatter , can u let me know?


Honestly, if you ignore the bonus modes I would say about three hours tops.

Buy Critter Crunch

Thx everyone, i have critter crunch
trine is 20 bucks, i know it is a good game, but with 20 bucks i can buy 2 good psn games

finally i got battle tanks

dude get fat princess
I already have like 15 hours of in game and I bough it like 2 weeks ago
It's endless fun!