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If 360 is less than PS3 this week then expect more aggressive discounting of the 360 perhaps even outside the USA.
It's been said that MS are willing to give away this holiday period to PS3 to keep their eye on the longer term goal. But anyone with a competitive mindset will not be able to bring themselves to accept defeat during the highest sales period of the year and despite what might have been said previoulsy they will act to try to gert ahead of their closest rival.

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This week will see a slight rise in hardware sales but will still be behind PS3 and a long way behind Wii. Nothing new to see here

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Seems to be a little bit of lowering of PS3 expectation in here to manipulate a wow come thursday.

360 295,500
PS3 330,000

That would put 360 only down 5% YOY which is fairly good considering.. and the PS3 would be up around 50% yoy.

Jesus the PS3 did awful last year... this years 360 figure is almost 40% higher than the PS3 at the same time last year. Kinda puts the 360 current performance into perspective... not at all bad.

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With the Modern Warfare 2 bundle only on Xbox 360,

360 ww 300-347k
ps3 ww 250-267k

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lanjiaona said:
With the Modern Warfare 2 bundle only on Xbox 360,

360 ww 300-347k
ps3 ww 250-267k

In a time where sales go up every week from now until Christmas the PS3 sales are going to drop week to week? O_o


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Next week though the 360's numbers are going to drop because they have been artificially inflated by the walmart deal. All other gaming hardware should rise though

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you expect ps3 to drop? why the hell would that happen?

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kowenicki said:
Jesus the PS3 did awful last year in the months following the 360's pricecut in September 2008 that made it twice as cheap as the PS3 at the peak of the recession.


Talk about manipulation.


you have to remember that sales increase weekly until black friday.

last year, on this week the 360 sold 307k, the following week 406k, the week after.....726k

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