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I dont really know if this means anything but I thought it might be. I think it seems pretty low 20k. But from the reports that I have heard I thought that it was like 1 person who bought it. I am in a hurry have exam see you in a few hours. Sony has announced that Australian retailers sold over 20,000 PlayStation 3 consoles in the machine's first three days on sale. "The combined sales of hardware, peripherals and software generated in excess of $25 million of retail spending" according to Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. Screen Play will publish the official GfK sales figures as soon as they are available. http://blogs.theage.com.au/screenplay/archives/005654.html

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Wii and X360 sells was over 30k, during the launch week. I can't wait for european numbers (according my estimation (and gamebible.fr) , PS3 could not be sells well in France, for exemple PS3 is still outselled by Wii on amazon.fr).

for australia official number given by sony is " more than 20 thousand" sold for release weekend from the article i read just now: official number at Release for xbox360 was 30,321 first weekend official number at release for Wii was 32,901 first weekend if this is right and sony's number does not become more precise and atleast 10 thousand unit's higher, ps3 release= Last Place in australia.

360 and Wii sold 30k+ but does it have to with when its released?


Yojimbo said: 360 and Wii sold 30k+ but does it have to with when its released?
Partly yes, which is why Sony should have released earlier... Preferably before Christmas.

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Its more important to note that BOTH the 360 and Wii sold out here at launch. The PS3 didn't - and didn't come close. So in other words, if you want a PS3 - you can get one anytime you like. Expect the see the weekly sales plummet in 1-2 weeks time. The PS3 is simply TOO expensive here, and its much more of a MS market - I believe the 360 will outsell the PS3 (here) in the long term - unless something significantly changes. I think the 360 is currently at approx 120k sold (no idea for the Wii, but may be around 100k).

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No doubt the ps3 will receive excellent in store publicity ( Bigger section than 360 and wii) but that will only be based on previous gens sales and that will lead to a few more sales but hopefully it flops till it comes down to a reasonable price.

price is resonable, all those bums bitcing maybe should get a job.

Hus said: price is resonable, all those bums bitcing maybe should get a job.
Now before anyone gets all up in arms about this post, may I suggest that we all just have a good chuckle over it and call it a day? I mean really, are you going to take this seriously?

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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I work a good job and get paid good money, but getting together $1000 + games and accessories for a PS3 is difficult for me. I have rent and bills to pay, food to buy, a girlfriend to keep happy and general expenses in my life. $1000 is FAR too expensive and there is no way I will ever pay that much for a games console - no way in HELL I don't care how many wizz bang features it has. I wont buy 360 until it comes down in price too.