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Munkeh111 said:
Tell me how it is, I am actually leaning towards that, hope you enjoy it

I am an hour in the game.  Pretty good so far.  The RTS elements are taking some time to get used to but the game overall has a good first impression on me.

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I have DiRT 2 and love it. I'd say that's probably the best of the 3 racers you mentioned in your original post. I played about 15 minutes of Midnight Club: LA and didn't really think it was all that great.
The one thing I would say is that the "campaign" in DiRT 2 only lasted a few days for me, but I go pretty hardcore when I get racing games, so that may be why.

As for the 2nd list of games, I can't really give any input there, as I'm not really into any of those games.