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I love fighting games. Its been my favorite genre ever since i was a child.

However, theres one thing that really bothers me about fighting games...the bosses. Is it really necessary to always have a ridiculously cheap, unbalanced, or broken boss at the end of EVERY fighting game?

Now don't get me wrong, I love a challenge. Theres nothing like fighting against someone who's better than you because it eventually makes you a better fighter. Once you beat that person, it makes you feel good and like you've accomplished something.

I'm currently playing tekken 6 right now. When I beat the final boss(this huge egyption bird like monster thing that takes up half of the screen) I don't feel like I've accomplished anything. I feel like if i fight him enough times, i'll eventually win. This a-hole is huge and fast. He doesn't have to do silly things, like block, no! He just stands there and sometimes your hits count and sometimes they don't. He also has an answer for anything you throw at him. Punch him up high, he slaps you in the face. Try to kick him when you knock him down, he disappears and falls from the sky and lands on you. If he feels like he's going to lose, he breaks out the death roll! If that doesn't work, he'll shoot you in the face with his laser eyes! F-n ridiculous!

Yes, I know, theres was to beat him but I think its just a little crazy that I go from fighting martial artist to fighting a giant bird on steroids with lazer eyes.

Tekken 6 isn't the only offender. Street fighter has gil, seth, and bison's cheap ass. Don't get me started on the king of fighters. DOA4's final boss is stupid hard...I can go on.

I guess my main question is why can't they make a boss character that is very hard to master but when you do master him, he's a difficult person to beat? Do any other fighting fans feel my pain????