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Yeah but MW2 owns KZ2 in gameplay.




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Aion said:
Yeah but MW2 owns KZ2 in gameplay.

oh no it doesn't

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BladeOfGod said:
360 fanboys and some 360 owners cant stand KZ2 graphics. its eating them alive, so every new console exclusive and multiplatform game that looks SLIGHTLY better on 360 have better graphics than KZ2

exactly why that is proof that kz2 has best grafix

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lhill81 said:
sorry for the double post, put the ps3 version of mw2 looks much better, then the 360 version, if you think different play the ps3 version, i have played both, ps3 clear winner.

i agree but sony should really fix their controller unless they just want everybody to buy the special Modern Warfare one haha :P im looking forward to getting MW2s gear for ps3 or 360 :D

Those screenshots of Killzone 2 are horrendous, and so are those screenshots of Modern Warfare 2.

I've played both and Killzone 2 is definitely superior in the graphics department. (and the screenshots do neither game justice).

Which one do I enjoy more? Definitely Modern Warfare 2. The variation in environments, how good the game looks and how the game plays. It's a much more tense experience and I care so much more about what's going on in MW2 then I do KZ2.

But this thread is about graphics, and KZ2 is superior (and Uncharted 2 superior to that, imo).

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Wow, how did I miss this thread, and why do so many seem to be ignoring what it clearly shows....

Modern Warfare with the X360 controller FTW...no graphics can save a bad controller for FPS experience.

Netyaroze said:
I think you cant actually show on pics how good Killzone 2 really looks it sjust so much action detail and the textures are great the difference is the biggest between MW2 and Kz2 if you look at the Ground. the ground in Killzone 2 is just great.

The lightning Its definatly a big difference between MW2 and Kz2 even bigger then you can see on the Pics. Killzone is just so polished and Mw2 is just so standard with some more details.

If you played Killzone2 a lot and get used to the graphics as I did and then you put in resistance. resistance is seems like a PS2 Game. Killzone is true Next Gen graphic. And Uncharted can top that even everbody who truly believes that MW2 has the better Graphic has never played Killzone 2. I like the setting but even people who dont liked the setting had to admit how good it looks and Uncharted 2 totaly has blown them away. And the last Heavy rain pics indicate that they will top that even until Uncharted 3 and killzone 3 comes.

If they continue maxing out the PS3 like the PS2 which they maxed out with Final Fantasy 12 imo then we still havent seen the maximum I bet they can make even better graphics in 2010/2011.



The best graphics never look that impressive until you go back to other games you liked before and see the difference!

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Both games look great! Of course KZ2 looks better, however, I really never got into KZ2 that much.

RayRay102 said:
Modern Warfare with the X360 controller FTW...no graphics can save a bad controller for FPS experience.

I don't understand exactly what you're trying to say, but this thread is clearly about graphics, not gameplay, or controls, which is very much a matter of personal opinion. So please try again.