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The game seems fun, but I wish the demo had custom controls. I do well with the default on the ground and the southpaw in the air (although I wish the boost, brake, and hover could be mapped to the d-pad). The problem comes during the transition between air and ground where I stumble around drunkly until I pause the game and change the control scheme.

I would think about buying this if I knew I wouldn't spend half the game in the menu changing the controls.

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Too many games being released. This and Darksiders have fallen into the "filtered out" category. Cool ad spots though.  I haven't even begun to finish games I picked up last year (as you can see with Red Faction currently).


The demo was awesome

I got used to the controls rather quickly

Wish it was longer tho

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Good news for PC gamers plannign to buy this game!


"New features to Dark Void PC will include NVIDIA®’s GeForce® 3D Vision technology (wireless 3D Vision glasses sold separately) and amazing physics effects that are accelerated on GeForce GPUs using NVIDIA’s PhysX technology."

The sales for this game doesn't complement how good it really is.


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Those who used to be interested in Dark Void but eventually passed on it, buy Dark Void Zero on DSiWare. It's surprisingly good for retro-themed demake and cost only $5.