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His new Handle is Soulxxx Please do the needful

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Unbelievable! Really? OMG!!! Mooods.... Help us pleaseeee.....

High Fidelity.Forever!

1. Proof 2. Does it matter? Why was he banned? I might have missed it, I was gone for a while.


One of these 2 quotes is from Kwaad One is from Soulxxx

Vienna, So you're just lucky, I see... ...And you don't play games on your PC yet you put out this big arguement that if you want to play a good looking game you have a PC for it. That's... weird. Cause it's like your saying "I don't want good looking games, I prefer games that have a poor lasting appeal and play them with my Wiimote". That's hardly next-gen... Buying a regular TV is the stupidest thing you can do ATM. If you buy a HD one (Not necessarily 46 inch..) you're at least opening up the possibility to ever own a PS3 and play games like you SHOULD play them. Or even get a 360 (Though not entirely HD). It's not like if you buy a HD tv you won't be able to play your Wii on it... ("Play your Wii on it" suddenly sounds so dirty.. lol) Oh and I want to remind everyone that I don't aim to change anyone's opinion of anything. I just like shooting them down with facts.. I enjoy it! lol Edit: RollStoppable, The Wiimote is comparable with the Eyetoy indeed.. for the sole reason that they are a fad. People bought the Eyetoy, played with it, loved it, and forgot about it after 3 months of playing it. The same will happen with the Wiimote, people will be fed up from aiming at the screen moving their hands all around unless they have some good looking games. Basically it goes down like this: A guy plays Wiisports. 20 minutes in "This is fun!" 1 hour in "My hand hurts" 2 hours in the frustration begins "Stupid ball I wanted you to go there!! Not there! THERE!! AHHH!!", tears his hair and throws his nunchuk on the TV. Only the true fans will keep playing it but even they won't be able to endure the boredom that comes after 3 hours of the life-like bowling, arm killing boxing and whatever else you got on there. In fact, when you think about it, every game will have this effect after a few hours in... I can't wait to know how SSB:B will play out on the Wii.. isn't it a fighting game??
I consider my 1500$ gameing computer a toy. I consider the rock crawler pickup truck I just bought... a toy. I consider anything I have fun with... a toy. NFreak... you nailed it on basically everything else. Your first post... I posted this as a joke just to see what the Wii boys would say about me saying my wife hates it. (she seriously does, and wants to sell it) I dont like the Wii. I am dissapointed in the software for it right now. I expect some REALLY good stuff before too long tho. (SSB, Harvest Moon Wii) I own 2 DS, and I bought the Wii 2 weeks after launch. I am definatly ANTI nintendo. I buy what I expect to be the best. The DS screamed "NEW, DIFFERENT, FUN!" I bought one for me and my wife. I never got the 'fun' aspect down... my wife plays hers from time to time when we go on trips. Harvest Moon DS is awesome. The Wii was in my eyes, the next best thing to gameing in a long time. I expected pretty graphics, and great controls. I got 1st/2nd gen PS2 style graphics, the WORST controls I've ever seen (the way their used). pretty? for a 5 year old game maybe. Not a new one. Controls? Wii sports and Zelda are great... Dont get me started on too much else... and whatever you do... do NOT... *EVER* try to tell me NFS Wii is a good game. I was gonna wait 3 months to buy a PS3. I found one, and I had the extra cash, and picked it up. I've loved it ever since I bought it. EDIT: I bought a PSP because of my PS3.
2. Yes, it does matter, 3 threads down is the reasoning and explanation for the ban. Essentiaqlly, he is a destructive influence on the forums, and Soulxxx is continuing that destrucivity

Crappy logic and delusions of Sony grandeur doesn't make one a destructive influence. It's flaming, spamming, obscenity and hate that's a destructive influence. I'm fine with Mr. Soulxxx (even if he is Kwaad) and everybody else as long as they keep it clean and respectful. However, I do feel that starting a thread about trying to get a poster banned is a cause for concern. If you have a problem with someone Quantum, message a Mod (like me!) It's a far more effective and respectful way to take care of things.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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Stof, i dont have to TRY to get someone banned, Kwaad did that all on his destructive lonesome. If you dont AGREE with the ban, take it up with your fellow moderators, and dont villify me. THe decision to ban Kwaad was made for a reason, and allowing him to re-register, and not checking into things, well, that makes for a unfriendly forumplace.

There is no proof it is kwaad and right now I dont see a reason to ban him.


I agree that an accusation like this should've been made in private. Honestly, looking at the two posts you posted, I don't think they're from the same person.

For now im locking this unless a mod wants to say something then reopen it.