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So I've sved up enough dough for two games. Ihave a ps3 and 360. I'm thinking about getting mw2 for 360 and Uncharted 2 for ps3. Would that be the best combination now or should I consider halo 3 odst, killzone 2 or the new ratchet?

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Depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for an FPS to keep you busy on your Xbox 360, get MW2. If you're looking for an action adventure exclusive to your PS3, get Uncharted 2. It's just up to you...


If you want the best online shooter this gen get MW2. If you want a ps3 game then get U2.




Honestly. That's what I would do. Well, actually I'm getting my MW2 for PS3 because that is what all of my friends play online. lol But you get the point. KZ2 is an amazing shooter too, but I'm expecting MW2 to be better. At least in the story department. Graphics wise KZ2 wins though. And online I'd say they are different and even. Assassin's Creed 2 is looking like it might be worth being a contender for your money also. But U2 gets my full recomendation with a pistol to your head. ;)

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you cant go wrong with those two games

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i would just get mw2 and uncharted 2 for the ps3 since the online is free....but yes, uncharted 2 and mw2 are the best around so get em, oh and demon souls if you have some left over change ^_^

multiplayer: MW2

campaign: Uncharted 2

Killzone 2: Was almost traded at Gamestop today, but they offered me filth so I left.


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Stay away from Killzone 2.

Calll of Duty is the fps to get if you want one of those. The combination I would go for would be MW2 and the new ratchet. Uncharted 2 is the best game, don't get me wrong. I would imagine that you're going to be so busy playing MW2 that you would want to switch to a different genre completely when you take a break from it. Ratchet will complament MW2 better than Uncharted will. I would just wait and get Uncharted a little later personaly.

Stay away from that Halo game, too.

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Dont get ODST. Unless you have XBL Gold because the online is the only redeeming part of that game. U would get Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. The first Call of Duty was overrated and im expecting the second to be as well until it is proved otherwise

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killzone 2 is right there with uncharted 2 , both great games, modern warfare 2 is not out yet , so i dont give credit until its due. another great one infamous, dont forget about the god of war collection, god of war 1 and 2 on i blu ray disc at 720p and 60 frames fer second, with god of war 3 demo, comes out same day as mw2