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Mr Khan said:

I don't think he was insulting the individual users when he made that statement, or else i interpreted it wrong. I think his statement was working towards the technical capabilities of the 360 Community being head-and-shoulders above, and while that would be debatable, it would be nowhere near as inflammatory.

Yeah man, but the statement was so miniscule and completely uninsulting. What is so amazing, is how much offense the blogger took. It is shocking, and thus the reaction the blog has been getting, lol. It is amazing that he could imply so much from such a small unimportant off the cuff statement. The blogger said that he "should be fired" for saying that, lmao. That is the most overboard assertion I've ever heard.

I think it's a joke, or rather, a parody. Nobody could really go that crazy over that, lol.

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I don't need your console war.


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That article is worse then anything valve has said....

I really don't know why you'd post that Darth...

I mean... I don't know if anyone has ever played L4D.

Unless you have the right group of people... it sucks... because its so wholey based around teamwork.

ZenfoldorVGI said:
Smashed said:
Valve developers are a joke anyways.
Every game after CS 1.6 was garbage.

Are you serious? What about The Orange Box and Left 4 Dead? Half-Life 2 and Portal?

Valve....is one of the best developers of all time, and I ask you now, are you biased against them because of their stance on the PS3? Or do you really believe they suck?

I really didn't enjoy any of their games after Counter Strike 1.6, Team Fortress 2 was a pretty good game too. I stayed over a friends house for a weekend and we played 2 player L4D, the game bored me.

Valve is not one of the best developers of all time, and I personally don't care where they put their games.

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Valve should be biased towards the PC, not against the PS3!


I don't really care for Valve, but I love Valve games. They are so well designed and executed. They always seem to nail the gameplay. I wish they would support the PS3, but they are free to do as they please. Maybe Obama will look into this after he fixes health care, and creates a play-off system for NCAA football.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



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this person is a complete idiot, pure and simple.






i 100% agree, Valve is the WORST most lazy developer ever
Eat Shit Valve and learn how to control your out of control staff


How the fuck did he bring in gays and racism in that? XD XD

This guy is the sultan of spin.

Long live the mighty............ VALVE.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty much everyone who said they were going to boycott Left 4 Dead 2 has now pre-ordered it, you know why? no one can deny the quality that valves games have.

So they don't want to develop for ps3.......... big deal, im sure they make MORE than enough money out of their games been released on PC/360 to really give a shit about some ps3 port.

Left 4 Dead scored 89% despite the fact that the game had no storyline whatsoever, kinda shows how damn good it was in the gameplay department huh.

Left 4 Dead also happened to be "Online" game of the year 2008 and i'm sure once its released that Left 4 Dead 2 will be a contender for "Online" game of the year 2009.

Can't wait for Half Life 2 episode 3 and many more great future games from Valve

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Xbox and Valve can keep L4D for the MS side while the PS3 can enjoy MGS4 and FFvXIII so its far...and ill just play L4D on PC =P