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I stopped caring about what Valve thinks a long time ago.

Make the games for whatever console you like, whether it's because of Microsoft's cheque or development difficulties. You don't have to make comments like this.

Furthermore, Gabe Newell is FAT!

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Why do care? Valve is stupid, yes, but so are Capcom, Activision and so on. Mindlessly raging that way won't help anything at all. Article fail.






People need to grow up a little and just play games that are fun to play. Most people have PC's and can play these valve made games if they want to. If my laptop that I got 5 years ago can play these games then people have no reason to complain about anything. Just play the games.

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Just stop whining and get a decent PC so you can play Valve's OTHER games like CS:S which is 10x better than Left 4 Dead!

wow, overreacting to the max.

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theres only 1 valve game come out this gen thats a new game, its not end of world

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bonkers555 said:
Why the fuck does most fans bitch and cry about everything these days?

This is the first generation that is going on where the internet is being used a LOT

maybe thats why

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I personally would love to play some Valve games but cant because of only owning a PS3. Im ok with Valve not making games for the PS3 but I really think they should stop making reasons as to why they dont. I understand that people will ask and it probably gets annoying answering the same question all the time but if they took the route of other developers and just said they like to support Microsoft then most people would let it go. Everytime they insult Sony I lose all interest in them as a company.

I think if Valve would simply admit the reason they don't develop PS3 games is because Microsoft gives them money not to, instead of making up a new lie every other month then it would be a non-issue.

It's not about PS3 owners whining about not getting another generic first person shooter expansion pack, it's the way that valve presents themselves on the issue that they just look like a bunch of morbidly obese fanboys.

Skeeuk said:
theres only 1 valve game come out this gen thats a new game, its not end of world

Valve made loads of games this gen.