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I like the NES, Super NES (obviously), the N64, the GameCube, and the Wii.


But that last one, you wouldn't be able to tell because ever since The Conduit came out, I have trolled the damn thing endlessly (both the Wii and Conduit).

Why? Because I'm jealous. I am jealous of those HD console owners and those uber PC owners.

Yes, I own a PC and I love my games for it such as StarCraft, The Orange Box, GTA: San Andreas and many more. But when it comes to the Wii, I see owners get hyped over games that turn out to be average, such as The Conduit. I look over to the HD console owners and they have their Uncharteds, Halos, Gears, Gran Turismos, Soul Caliburs, and BioShocks.

I look at the Wii and see all these great hardcore games like Muramasa, Red Steel 2, FFCC: The Crystal Bearers, No More Heroes, MadWorld, Zack & Wiki, and Rock Band 2 (which isn't an exclusive but is the only multiplat game that doesn't skip on features when it comes to the Wii version). But still comes up short because I am a graphics whore.

So maybe I am jealous and that's why I troll the Wii to make myself feel better about owning the inferior console.

Then again, I'm a fucking hypocrite because once a new Zelda game finally comes out for the Wii, I won't care about anything I just said.


So, just putting this out there: I am a hypocrite.


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*sigh*...im gettin real good at these

It didn't take me very long to realize the conduit was going to disappoint. Silly boy.

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The problem with the Wii is that all the great games require very particular tastes in gaming. No More Heroes, MadWorld, de Blob, The Conduit, and other games aren't going to appeal to everyone. Personally, I love NMH, but MadWorld was utterly forgettable. The Conduit showed promise, but the entire time I was bothered by the jittery reticule and the lack of wide open spaces (I hated being in small areas all the time, the best FPS games all have open areas).

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Got to use this pick twice in one night

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Dgc1808 said:

Got to use this pick twice in one night

I'm not a very good Wii fanboy


I was an amazing GameCube fanboy though

Wow, Wii does have good graphics, like Monster Hunter 3.

Just pick up a cheap X360 and u dont have to be jealous anymore. Or a Slim, since u would like to have GT5 and it's a must have I believe.

YesWiiCan said:
Wow, Wii does have good graphics, like Monster Hunter 3.

Too bad most Wii games don't look as good as MH3.


Everyone's a hypocrite.

You're a graphics whore? Then get a 360/PS3.

Or are your beliefs so set in stone that you refuse to get anything non-Nintendo?

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