i know the exact release date for zelda wii in europe!!!!!

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - i know the exact release date for zelda wii in europe!!!!!

It will come out when Miyamoto wants it to.

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superchunk said:
I know your wrong as they won't release a Metroid, Mario, AND Zelda game in the same year on the same system. Miyamoto knows all too well that the entire universe would implode on such a miraculous setup.

But SMG, Prime 3, and Twilight Princess all came out within a year of each other. November 19, 2006 through November 12, 2007.

The game is not even fished...


It would be great if that were true, though 2011 is more realistic. Nintendo doesn't like bringing out all their AAA games at the same time. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is ready for a release, but they want new super mario bros. wii to have its moment before another amazing mario game comes out. Also, I predict many delays.... just like twilight princess... >_>.


well i can sense some disbelief but its the official release date on the schedule of nintendo of europe

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Cypher1980 said:
I dont dis believe you and Nintendo normally stick to their launch windows.

They are probably the only Manufacturer that does

Nintendo sticks to launch windows?

Which launch windows are you refering too?

I recall Reggie announcing 7 launch games for the Wii and only three games came launch year. Brawl got delayed again and again and other notable titles like WarioWare and MarioGalaxy also saw delays and were not launched in their respective launch windows. Then lets talk about LOZ:TP it was supposed to come in fall 2005 and it never saw launch till Wii.

Nintendo rarely ever sticks to launch windows with the exception of hardware. When they announce hardware will ship on such and such a date they tend to release hardware during those windows. Reggie today infact clearly said that Nintendo is not committed to launching Zelda Wii during the 2010 fiscal year. Thats right NOA's president says not to expect Zelda in 2010, he then quoted Miyamoto as saying it was on track for 2010 but Nintendo wasn't about to commit to it launching that fiscal year.

Sorry OP but I take Reggies word over the word of somebody at Nintendo of Europe. Keep in mind that NOE actually publically said Mother3 was going to be coming out on GBA in Europe. Did it ever come to Europe? No it didn't and how about NOE's Excite Truck 2 announcement, turns out the whole thing was fabricated and no game was ever seen!

The only people we can trust for dates are Iwata and Miyamoto and sometimes Reggie. And so far none of the three will commit to a 2010 launch!


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Cheebee said:
I know you're wrong, because my mom knows someone who has an uncle who has a friend who works at Nintendo Japan and he told her it's coming out tomorrow.

Seriously, I'm sure even Miyamoto himself doesn't even know when the game's gonna come out, let alone some random employee from Nintendo Europe. I mean, not even NOA, but NOE, for crying out loud. XD They wouldn't know anything like that, let alone inform one of their employees, lol.

NoE seems more in the loop than NoA at this point. Not that i necessarily believe this.

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would be nice. it IS almost a year away... and only 3 months short of 2011 so its quite a bit away..

doesnt matter when its released though, it will be mine XD

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it would be cool if it does.. i hope so

oh i gotta mention this (nice Gif file of kenan and kel, that showed ruled) lol