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that is so neat--if my daughter were a bit older i would gladly get her that


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It's so SIMPLE. Stick a wiiremote in a stuffy as a psychological link to the game character. daaayuum. That's simply genius. Talk about character immersion, can't get much better than that. Though the software looks really low qaulity, but then again this is for 3-5 year olds.

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Actually, that is a pretty cool idea.

Cool... But it's On-Rails!!!

It may look silly but is actually not a bad use of the wii mote. Who knows? maybe with the right marketing it can be the next "tickle me elmo"

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I want this...no seriously...i want it for myself...a 23 year old male...all mine! This looks so cool!!!!!

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Need to find out the name of the track that played over the trailer.....

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Great idea that I could see going places and even turning into its own genre.
I would like to see a sequel or another game with even more ideas along this concept.
Perfect for young gamers :)

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The name of the game is a "mystery"?

I couldn't figure out what the hell that chick was saying.