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so for a while i have been wanting the new Tekken..well since it was first shown when they first shown the Playstation 3 all them long years ago..


since then over time i have lost so much intrest in it, but i loved the ones on PS1 and i was addicted to the one on PSP for about a year so should i pick up the new one?

does it get old fast? and what is the controls like and the graphics as it has alot to live up to after so so sooo many years in development 


cheers guys

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I want Soul Blade on the PSN. You could break your opponent's weapon and make them fight bare-haded. Man, I miss that game.

Also: Tagged this thread for later. I wanna hear some Tekken 6 talk, too.

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Mine is coming tomrrow-ish, i'll let you know what i think about it...

cheers guys!
and d21lewis that game looks pritty good!

Game probably bombed...thus no hype on the net..

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The simple fact about development time has hurt it's sales and reputation in my view. Now being a big Tekken fan I did buy this first day (and then looked around here for other players and threads to find very few).

Graphics are a big step up but then they'd have to be, main graphical improvements are the general flow of the entire game, speed and animations. Character models as well.

Many issues with fighting games are that it's hard to update them, like the other thread I just commented in about how good the graphics are, all you have in them is an arena and a character model. The key to them is the flow of moves and animations, which I think have improved a lot.

Gameplay is essentially the same as Tekken 5 except to me slightly faster with shorter reaches. Changes in a few characters moves and standard moves at that have irked me a little but the game is essentially the same (so still great).

Hmm, pie.

thanks The Fury: im still in 2 minds but thanks for taking the time to comment. might ask for it for christmas

I'm sorry to say, played it the other day. It's a rubbish game. Ive never been that big of a Tekken fan but 6 is inexcusibly bad. Grpahics are last gen with HD. Dead Or Alive 4 looks better and came out in 2006.

Tekken 6 = 3/10.

Dude. Tekken 6 is awesome. I was afread i'd get bored of it fast because i'd gotten kind of bored of dark resurrection but no... Tekken 6 is Fucking Epic. Everyone who says otherwise .. Don't count :P

Theres a scenario mode like devil within, only it doesn't suck. The graphics are pretty bad in this mode, but it has a LOT OF STORY ! and RPG elements via items that'll let you upgrade your chars. The targeting system is pretty decent once you learn it and camera angles aren't terrible either.. They aren't great though :p
It's around 8 hours long with 40 stages, one for each char in the game (to my knowledge) and it takes you all around the place.
Not only that, but ingame conversations change depending on your char. For instance, when I had kazuya and was playing through it.. Well when I met paul kazuya said paul had become "pathetic" XD.. Epic win !

The Regular fighting is as great as ever.. No wait, it's better !
The overall fluidity of the game has been greatly improved, graphics are great and so is rage mode. It can really turn a game around, but only if you aren't getting juggled when you go into rage :p otherwise you're likely finished.

Animations have won ! the ending movies are as good as ever and overall this game is.. Win.

I'd have liked a bowling or volleyball mode but I won't complain. Only a few things are slightly annoying.
1. No offline co-op in scenario campaign. The graphics certainly aren't the reason for this lol :p
2. When continue, you have to load the fight again.. that can get slightly annoying.. cause the final boss is freakin cheap.

Anyways.. Is it worth it ? Fuck yes ! I've played it too much ! and i'm still no-where near tired of it yet !

Tekken is back !

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@ Selnor: mmm i trust you mate but u did say you where never a huge fan of tekken, but what you are saying about the graphics worries me, im not a graphocs whore but i want it to look good

@ Staude: thanks for taking the time to write all that man! is really helpfull! i only really want it to pick up and play but i will give the story mode a go
also what do you mean no offline co-op? so i cant play it with a mate in the same room? or is it just in story mode. If i cant play with my mates and family i 100% wont get it lol

there are so many mixed views on this game its worrying lol