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You know, it's funny after the IW.net thing, I thought to myself, "hey, there's no way Infinity Ward could make me want to buy this for my PC any less"

And sure enough, I stand corrected.

It's amazing how quickly a game can go from my most looked forward to game of the year to one I wouldn't even pirate, let alone buy.

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I'd pirate it just to make a point, I doubt I'll even bother installing it though.

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Is it 9v9 on the consoles as well?


9v9 is the same as MW1 whats the problem?

On the consoles, there's no problem.

He's talking about the PC -- they basically took away all the advantages of MW1 PC... wasn't it 32v32 for MW1 on PC?


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This is of relevance:

Its like I'm really a 13 year old with an Xbox! I hope I have time to play this after bouts of Halo!

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go god i did think it would be that bad

-Newcloud- said:
9v9 is the same as MW1 whats the problem?

Actually more like 32 vs 32, this is the PC section man :P

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Actually, MW1 on PS3 had up to 24 players. Either way, what's wrong with 9v9?