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Animal Crossing to be a MMO

Edge magazine is reporting that Nintendo's Wii iteration of its hugely popular Animal Crossing franchise is taking a massively multiplayer online direction.

While we're still waiting for Nintendo to officially confirm anything about a Wii version of Animal Crossing (apart from the fact that it's coming), Edge's latest issue opens with the news lead: "Animal Crossing goes MMO".

The latest issue of the mag reports, "A Japanese source has confirmed to Edge that the upcoming Wii iteration of Animal Crossing is set to be a social networking MMO."

No further details are reported so we're left hanging about exactly when we'll be able to buy cheap turnips off the black market in Russia.

When contacted Nintendo only say it wouldn't comment on rumour and speculation. Bet your biggest fish this is happening...


With the DS version at 8.5M and the GC version at 2.5M, I have a feeling this will be HUGE.  Any word on when it is coming out? 


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