Which version of Modern Warfare 2 are you getting?

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standard used version for 360 (rather give money to gamestop than activision).

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Holy jesus... I just checked the price of the Prestige Edition, and it's $150 bucks?? I had to check it twice to make sure I wasn't crazy..

Seriously, who the hell would spend that kind of money on one game?? I have trouble justifying spending even 60 bucks on this game.

Hardened Edition for 360

Not sure I'm getting it but if I do it will be PS3 .. used.

themanwithnoname said:
Oh btw, can we stop pretending like the only annoying people online are on Xbox Live?

Those comments I'm sure are to spite the guy that made the first comment about the annoying people on the PSN... 

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I will get the PC standard version although I am still humming an harring about whether to cancel my preorder with Game and get it via Steam. Only thing that pisses me off a bit is that the prices are the same but as I will need to have it for Friday the 13th to go to a LAN the Steam edition might just have the edge.

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Ill be playing Fallout 3 that day too :P . even tho i am getting MW2 For the PS3.

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PS3 Veteran Edition

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ps3 regular version




I will rent this game on ps3 version

later then bought a X360 version