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interesting how small games that are fantastic like Zack & Wiki get scores of 9 and everyone says how good it is. But give Halo3 or MP3 a score of 9 and everyone's shocked at the low score.

Is it just me or do the big games get a different scale (9-10) to the regular games (0-10)? Why is a fantastically fun game with a few flaws (Halo 3) in one case getting most scores 95-100, while another fantastically fun game with a few flaws (Zack & Wiki) being happy with scores 80-90?

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'Its biggest hurdle will be finding its audience, as it's the kind of game you don't know you're dying for until you play it'

This quote from the review is the most important thing to me, they hit the nail right on the head! This game deserves to sell well but people won't buy it cuzz they'll think it's kiddy, sucky like (most of) the other 3th Wii-titles and people don't expect much from it since (almost) every 3th party Wii-title fluncked... The target audience is adults (Guys who played monkey island etc...) But the boxart lets u think it's for 4-year old... So that's kinda stupid from Capcom IMO... The boxart really makes me think, No... This shit reminds me of Pokémon Snap or somethin...

But hey, im buying the title 7 Dec when it's released in PAL-territories! The game looks to be great!


naznatips said:
Here is a much bigger shocker for you Zack & Wiki fans. The 1UP review...


Needless to say, if 1UP gives a Wii game a 9, you KNOW it's good.


Wow that is a shocker Naznatips. I never thought it would receive such a high score from them especially after EGM previewed this game as a "so-so" from their E3 coverage. Hopefully someone has this in stock today.

I'm getting this game today! Whooo Hooo! I hope this brings about a point and click adventure revival on the Wii. Grim Fandango 2 on the Wii, come on baby!

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that gametrailers sold me on this... I really want this now... How long is this game and does it have replay value?

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What? 1up likes it? Something tells me the reviewer got a visit by a couple of 'entertainers' paid by the publisher. It's the nature of 1up reviewers to hate everything Wii.

I heard around 15 hours to complete. Some puzzles have multiple ways of victory adn you get a score based on how you did/time/hints. So pretty good replay as well.

I am geeked for this game.

I have read a ton of reviews and they all say awesome. Why they are all scoring it 8-9 I have no idea. With all the hype I was expecting a 9.2 - 9.5 from IGN but apparetnly these small titles are capped at 9 becasue they aren't "EPIC".

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Well, unlike devy, this game is actually getting great scores - 1up score was a complete shocker. Maybe the reviews and word of mouth (and buy Z&W campaigns on multiple sites like IGN and Kotaku) will help this game sell well.


Wow Best Buy and Target don't even have this game listed on their website anywhere, and my local Gamestop has never heard of it. Not a great sign for me picking it up today. :>

had the same problem

no best buy or target

my local gamestops were "what the hell is that" when i asked about the game...