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Found a funny story about Greg from Kotaku and his dog Oscar on Yahoo!.com:

Gamer has bone to pick with online-shopping dog


Man's best friend? Not when he runs up your credit card.

Meet Oscar, faithful companion of Greg, a reader of top gaming blog Kotaku. As a one year-old Lab/Hound, Oscar has a bit of a chewing problem. Shoes, underwear, blinds, and pillows have all been targets for his gnashers, but when he turned his attention to Greg's Xbox 360 controller one night, an expensive (and immensely unlikely) sequence of events ensued.


As Oscar chomped down on the wireless controller, he successfully turned on the machine, navigated to the Xbox's online store and purchased 5,000 Microsoft Points, at a cost of over $60. That was charged directly to Greg's credit card, as Greg discovered when he woke up.

"What are the odds that he chews on the right buttons, in the right order and moves the stick in the right directions to navigate and purchase points?" asks Greg. "1 in a billion? More?"

Perhaps, Greg, perhaps. Maybe Oscar just wanted to pimp out his avatar, rent a movie or two, and play some Shadow Complex. We'll probably never know.

I wish my dog could do that to give me a reason to get me some Microsoft points from my parents credit card lol.



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Posted already - actually posted on Friday.

Diz iz alreazy pozted
-is in nazi zindrom-

Still funny story lol.




funny story but already posted

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