When will PS3 surpass Xbox360 for total sales? 2011 or 2012

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Right now, PS3 is about 7 million behind, but most likely be 5.5 after this Chrismas.  I doubt PS3 can pass Xbox360 by the end of 2010, but PS3 will pass Xbox360.  PS3 will likely sell 100k +/- 20k more per week (more during the Christmas period) for the rest of this generation.

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The only way that can happen is if the 360 doesn't see any price drops.

Who knows, it might be $99 by 2012.

I say 20-never

like... never lol

30th feb 2012 = mark the date

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As much as id like it to just to see microsofts "Oh" reaction from their stuck up "We rule" attitude to the industry.... in reality its probably never going to happen.

Could get close mind you but you can be pretty sure after the holiday period the sales will swap around again.

I think it will happen fairly soon. I myself think that it's pretty embarrassing to have to pay for XBL. And that my Xbox is suffering from poor quality.

Right now PS3 is selling over X360 by a landslide. It could be as early as Q1 2011, but we'll have to wait and see if MS drops the price or if Natal will have any effect.






well the ps3 has been out for 155 weeks and has sold 25,743,746 at the same time the 360 had sold 22,249,757 thats a differance of 3,493,989 thats 22,561 a week extra on average more are sold, so 310 weeks if averages carry on,

but i think christmas the ps3 will sell lots more than the 360, i been asking people what there getting there kids for christmas, most say the ps3 or wii, and the reason they choose the ps3 over the 360 is they want a blu-ray player so there rolling it in to one, and with rumors the live price is going up that put a few off, they like the free online gaming of the ps3

these are my thoughs, i know the 360 fans will laugh and scorn but thats cause they know im right, lol


1. If every thing stays as it is then Q4 (holiday season) 2010 will be the passing point.

2. If Microsoft cuts the price as expected late 2010 and Natal is ineffective then mid to late 2011 to never

Take your pick.