I am playing final fantasy VII for the first time.

Forums - Gaming Discussion - I am playing final fantasy VII for the first time.

and i can say is one of the best game i have ever played, i have only play 4 hours and is amazing. By the way can somebdy give me tips about the materia thing.

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Tips? umm make sure not to die =P

just play about with the materia untill you get the desired effect, are you into magic more or normal attacks?

beware of bad translated parts...

Great game. You will love it!

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The game is sweeet. Try to carry as much materia as possible, some characters work with some materias better.


Are you serious? I also played it for the first time some months ago and I didn't finish it. For someone who didn't play it 10 years ago it's a boring old RPG. :/

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Tips? I don't have the experience of dating guys.. ;)


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Someone with finalrpgfantasy username and Lightning as icon never played FFVII is rare. Most FF fan i know played FFVII 1st then all other FF.

yeah by your name i thought you only play final fantasy games