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It is well known that Nintendo will increase production in April. Does anyone have any idea how much they will increase it? Nintendo tends to be cautious when it comes to production, do you think it will be in the order of 250K a month, or perhaps 500K? I hope it will be will the larger amount. Even if they meet demand in one month with the extra production, it would still take a couple or months to fill the retail pipelines completely. I suspect that even if they started producing 1.5 Million a month that they would still be sold out world wide.

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They need to significantly increase production not only to meet current demand, but they also need to be stocking up for the 2007 holiday season.

I'd imagine they can increase production due to ending gamecube production


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Maybe they'll say something about it in the 'fiscal year' presentation (which ends in March)?

are they still making gamecubes?

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jstam said: are they still making gamecubes?
It's tough to say, some of the higher ups have said yes while others have said no.

Despite some predictions that the system will sell 800 billion units, Nintendo's smart enough to know otherwise. Unless this thing has some serious legs, current production's plenty going forward, at least until Christmas, so I would not expect a substantial boost.

I have read about + 200K/month...