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Ajescent said:
touche, though I should point out that Uncharted always go for ruins for us to have gun fights in Atlantis, there would have to be a fully functioning city...Underwater...I think that might be a bit of a stretch for U2.

maybe there's an utopia hidden underwater in a cave ...you know those scenary where people swim thru a cave then when they surface they stumble upon this big underground world etc. ...and nothing is a stretch for U2 cause its ND remember!! they can do anythingg =)



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Well, whatever they decide, it's gonna be awesome I think.

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Atlantis would be nice... but as ajescent says ND will deliver! And the content of the story is not the most important thing, it is the delivery that is the star of the show

I still think they should do the Holy Grail.

And if one of the Pythons is a voice actor for the game, instant 10/10 GoTY.

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twingo said:
bizzle said:
uncharted 3: the nazi clowns

Nate would shit him self. 

lmao he sure would, he fucking hates clowns. 

I dunno but I hope Nate and Elaine get together. Fuck that bitch Chloe. 

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How dare you :( Chloe is awesome