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I picked it up yesterday, so far I am absolutely LOVING this game, its a total blast. I am currently a level 14 Hunter class, I have already went through easily a few hundred weapons, its crazy. Anyways, if you have the game, what is you opinion on it so far?

Also if anyone who has Borderlands for the PS3 want's to Co-Op with me, as almost none of my friends have the game, add me on PSN: Necromunda

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I want it, but I only have enough for ac2 and r&c =(

nah all im buying is Ratchet & Clank & mw2 but hopefully might get it for xmas or something but im already getting a macbook and iphone for xmas so il probs wait till january sales!

i got it on xbox i am level 17 with brick , the game is cool but theres like really no story all it is about is finding a valut and the charactors are kinda eh that you get the misson from a lot of reading and it doesnt feel like your doing much except for leveling up.

i want to pick up this game but.......im not completely sold on it yet im not sure im a big fan of the art design they have decided to go with and sadly i think that is what is holding me back

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I am still not sold on this game, is it really that fun Necro? Is it like Diablo mated with Fallout? lol sorry just trying to get my mind around it, not sure I will like it. A demo would help a ton.

Man i cant wait to get this game. I have to wait till Monday since i got it on PC. Sucks.

Its kinda like a Diablo FPS type of game. Sign me up. Story? Who F'in cares. Well maby you do but i dont. Let me at it...

If anyone gets it on Steam im Kage848.

Yeah its a great game, the co-op is a blast.




I got it, ps3 of course :). Loving it but has a few pet hates.

PSN: Vergis69
XBL: Vergis

I was going to get it but i stupidly got brutal legend instead! :(