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... yeah...

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Well someone was bored...

she was really bored but it was cool.

Oh god please let her be 18 or I should be brought to jail.

And I could do the first move, the bathtub and the tongueflip

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Esmoreit said:
Oh god please let her be 18 or I should be brought to jail.

... yeah...

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I was all ready to pop in here with kissing advice...

cute video though

I can do most of those trick except the smiley on at the end, I couldn't figure out how she did it. I can also do another one but it's NSFW lol.

You know my tongue's got batteries in it
The bedroom, we lose calories in it and start families in it

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Also when she can tie cherry stems in knots then she can talk (never met a girl that doesn’t like that)


wow...that was....I...ummm...Oh good, she's 22! Damn, as annoying as she sounded, that was hott. She has got some serious tallent.

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