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lestatdark said:

Indeed, KH2 story was the best in the series so far. Xenahort's story, the Organization, Ansem and the nobodies was really much better than the shadows story in KH1. Plus it gave much more room for expansion ;)

Also, i'm thinking Ven is to Roxas what Roxas is to Sora, but in another level. Or it could be that Sora was an original Keyblade Knight, since the story is 10 years before KH1, before Sora was born.

Lol a nobody to a nobody? :D would definitely mix in. Well I guess we'll have to wait until release. It's hard to guess how the Kingdom Hearts world is ment to be.

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lestatdark said:

Well, it makes sense if there was a Keyblade War before the events of KH1, and to limit the power of the keyblade bearers, Xenahort sealed the power of the Keyblades except with a few keyblade masters?

Eh.. to me at least it makes it seem less special, or lazy from the KH Team. Btw Sora was born BEFORE BBS, it's not like he was nine in the original. :P

Christhor said:
Jalocin said:
I always thought KHII story was way better. It added so much, made it much more complex.

I still don't get why Ven and Roxas look identical though.. I'm curious as hell <.< ... must get at psp for this game...

And I thought it was way worse. They continued to develop on the nobodies from CoM, without even having a story recap or anything. They really should've made the opening with CoM scenes instead of KH scenes... Most of the nobodies never did anything, Roxas was lame (almost as lame as his voiceactor). Don't get me started on Xemnas...

Well it's a matter of opinion I guess.. I also thought Roxas was a bit lame at first too though. Don't know about the transition from CoM as I never played it (no gba.. didn't realize there was a ps2 remake :/).


You're right, i forgot he was 14 :P Well, like jalocin said, we'll have to wait and see. Personally, I think the story is just getting better ;)

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Soriku said:
PullusPardus said:
Soriku said:
PullusPardus said:
i always thought this is a kiddish version of final fantasy.

It's better than FF :)

i dummed down version is better than the original?

It's a shame KH isn't really FF :)

oh dear

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What? You guys are surprised I like KH more than FF?

Welcome to 3 years ago.

god i love KH's and ill be getting this day 1

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Cool Scans.

By the way the name Vanitas means Emptiness/nothingness.

Vanitas is being voiced by Sora's VA.

lolz, I wonder how this all fits! :P