I'm going to be at the Eurogamer Expo 2009

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unfortunately im at uni and am too limited on funds to make it :(

is there any chance of the old republic MMO being shown there?

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A group of 15-20 makes it less awkward to meet people. I like the way you think ioi.

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I just booked 3 tickets for the 30th/London.

I'm not sure who I am going with yet but hopefully can break away from them for a bit and meet some of you (they aren't hugely into gaming, especially website stuff so introduction be a headache).


Nothing ever happens in Michigan :(

I'm going on the 31st - working on Friday so would only see the last hour or two. Going to be packed... guess that's just London.


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Awesome, quite a few people already going to be there then!

I was thinking of joining you

but kyliedog's going.....we'll end up having a fight about MGS4 there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway no FF13 :(

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Damn... That's the one weekend this year I've managed to get any work. And I desperately need the money. I'm visiting London for a weekend sometime soon as well. Sigh.

Maybe sometime in the future!

Wish I was British right now. Ahh well. I don't know, seems like a random meetup of internet people would be awkward.

Like: "Hi, I'm (insert username here). I troll the forums. 'Sup?"



Haha, it could be very weird but I feel it would be nice to meet some of you guys in person...