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^I guess you are right, I am kind of surprised the average is doing as well as it is.

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the handhelds are really throwing me off, I didn't really put any time into making those predictions.

I am very proud of my scores for the three consoles however, especially PS3!

OMG OMG I'm number 1 FOR WII!


I'm 3rd this week....

I hope this success contnues

Broze > Silver + Gold anyway!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Handhelds are finally starting to turn on me. Well the PSP is anyways.

Nice week for most of us.

50 points is not the best but I´m near mr average and 7th overall.

Congratz Twroo for taking the best spot.. next week BF!!

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I'll be vindicated next week on BF sales.
All you guys are way too low.

Nevermind, even I'm too low

I have a feeling the PSP is going to start pissing me off from next week onwards... unless there are some popular BF deals I am going to be way too high for it.

I think I have good numbers for Wii and DS, while PS3 and X360 I want to swap my numbers around... I am still sure that the 360 will get a much better comparative boost than the PS3 from BF, but as my week 4 saw me slightly under predicting PS3, while over predicting X360 I no longer think X360 will overtake PS3 worldwide, though it should catch up a little bit (say a 20-40k gap instead of the 75k it was this week)

yep. WII, is really killing me. can we just delete that platform? LOL! =P

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WII: 82 MIL (Apr. Revision: 84 MIL, Jul. Revision: 82 MIL, Nov. Revision: 82MIL)

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^You and Blacksaber are pretty far off outliers fr Wii compared to the other consoles... I might do some kind of box & whisker plot to show the standard deviation.... Not sure how to do it on Excel though.


do it on maths graph, our school uses it

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey