Which Sony PlayStation is your all time favorite? A tribute to PlayStation!

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Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
Fuck.... this is hard...

All 3 have Grand and epic well overlooked games that i adore...

PS1 for FFVII.

PS2 for Chaos Legion and Valkyrie 2 Silmeira, and SO3Till the end of time...

PS3 for Folklore, DW6: Empires, LBP, AC: FA, and Uncharted(Original)...

Gotta think on this...

just FFVII?!


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Ehh sorry about that FFVII bit, you know what i meant guys. :D

Still thinking... now silence! :X


PS3 is still too young to be in the same league, but its in the right direction

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ps3 for me

Right now I would have to say PS2 > PS3 > PS1. PS2 still has the biggest & best library.

By the end of the PS3's life, it will be by far my favourite of the three though.


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ps3 cause it plays all my old ps1 and ps2 games and has amazing games itself!

if it didnt have this then it would be like

PS1 pls. I had more memorable games in there than PS2/PS3. :)

Yes i really loved the PS1 exclusively for FFVII, FFVI was "okay" but not worhty for a mention. VIII was okay to.

And i cant think of any other games then FF at the time, i was young lol. IX was crap imo btw... >_>

OH WAIT!!!.... er... PS1 = BASHIDO BLADE RIGHT??? that to. :D

Oh... and still thinking...

I would normally say PS3 since mine plays PS1/2 games.

I am sure however that this vote has to do with which was my favorite during the time they were released and also in regards to the games they offered. With that said, EASILY the PS1 comes out on top.

I have never enjoyed JRPGs as much as I did with my wonderful PlayStation.

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Tough call. PS3 is still relatively new to compete IMO.

I played more games with the PS2, but I have more fond memories of PS1 (maybe its the nostalgia goggles O_O)

So, yeah. PS1.

I do however think that the PS3 and online is opening up this whole new world to me that I never had till now. So, PS3 could win on the long run.